February 6, 2020

The Rise of Subscription Flower Services

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“While it’s commonplace for customers to send flowers to mark a special occasion, the general reason floral subscriptions are gaining traction today is a growing appreciation for having everyday flowers nearby,” floranext.com reports. Whether it’s a home or an office, customers agree that beautiful fresh flowers help to create a serene atmosphere, especially when resting inside of a decorative vase.

So much so, that they are signing up for floral subscriptions that offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly flower delivery services. Subscribers are typically offered the option of picking their bouquets or receiving a random arrangement made of seasonal flowers.
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Subscription flowers have become popular amongst florists and cut flower specialists because of the benefits associated with delivering bouquets directly to a consumer’s door. Customers can conveniently adorn spaces with fresh blooms inside a beautiful glass or ceramic vase without having to stop by their local flower shop.

Floral designers can develop long-term relationships with their subscribers and learn their preferences. Creating bouquets that keep customers happy leads to subscriptions being renewed and new subscribers signing up for subscription blooms.
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The spike in flower deliveries has also provided a steady source of income for floral industry professionals. Regular subscriptions ensure that customers are constantly placing orders for arrangements, which means companies are making a profit in between holidays and the wedding and event season.

Not only are professionals able to secure a source of income, they also end up saving money as well. Since subscribers receive a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery, florists can plan designs and can avoid ordering floral materials they don’t need. Plus, any surplus flowers and vases can be used for another customer’s subscription box, which inevitably cuts back on waste.
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Have you considered offering your customers a flower delivery service? If so, here are a few tips you might want to keep in mind:

-Offer tiered pricing that fits your clients’ budgets and needs
-Order glass and ceramic flower vases in bulk to fill orders
-Give your clients the option to choose their flower preferences
-Make sure the sign-up and cancellation processes are easy
-Offer your customers a free trial

Floral subscription services are growing at a rapid rate and we can’t wait to see more bloom over time.

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