June 14, 2018

And The Winner Is...

We love our crystal event pieces. They sparkle and shine as a centerpiece for a wedding or special event and pair well with other crystals, candle holders or glass collections. While there are plenty of selections in the crystal collections to choose from, we were curious to know which of our top selling crystals our customers loved the most.

Earlier this week, we asked our followers across our social media pages which of our crystal candle holders were their favorite. It was between the SOPHIA and the ELIZABETH. While both are gorgeously crafted the ELIZABETH was the winner!


The ELIZABETH collection is a prominent crystal candle holder available in three different sizes. Each one turns a large gathering into an elegant affair. The beauty of these candle holders is it is crafted for two kinds of candles. They can hold a pillar or tapered candle and when paired with a clear hurricane enhances its stunning appearance.

(PICTURED: Close up of the top of an ELIZABETH)

(PICTURED: ELIZABETH with a 6" Pillar Candle and 12" HURRICANE)

The ELIZABETH works excellent when grouped together or as a solo piece. The sizes range from 21”, 25” & 29” tall. The featured candles and hurricanes are sold separately from the collection.

(PICTURED: All three ELIZABETH in a grouping)

Vasesource has its roots in New York City, where it was founded in 1998 by Itzik Yakobi, a man with grand designs on the floral industry. Our aim is to provide an exceptional range of products with personalized customer service. In 2014 Vasesource acquired YBS Imports, a move that gave wholesale florists access to our unique designs. Today we supply floral studios, event planners, hotels and online stores along the East Coast, across the nation, and around the world.
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