February 2, 2022

Blossoming with Love

Did you know that in 2021, U.S. consumers spent approximately two billion dollars on flowers and vases for Valentine’s Day? That was a DECREASE compared to the previous year. Whew, that’s BIG money! On average, a consumer is expected to spend $175.41 for this special occasion, with flowers being one of the top gifts to give in 2022. Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is an emblem of pure love, appreciation, and affection, but let’s be real- people spend A LOT of money on love! 

With the pandemic still clouding over our heads, financial awareness is very real, but we still appreciate all the ritzy romance, gorgeous floral arrangements, and appeal that come with this celebration. That’s why we’ve selected a few wholesale vases and paired them with some of our favorite Valentine’s Day looks, inspired by our creative friends, to show our blossoming love for all of you!

You probably know that to this day, roses are the heavyweight reigning champion for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Its rich, red hue, buttery soft petals, and pleasant smelling fragrance are truly hypnotizing. Fun fact: Roses are so widely adored, that there is a National Red Rose Day on June 12th! Because of its timelessness, we decided to feature this classic floral beauty in our CP995WH white ceramic pot. Not only is the vase contemporary and chic, but the white palette allows the roses to burst with life and color. You can fit up to 50 roses in our wholesale ceramic vase, perfect for large bouquet arrangements! Who loves you? WE DO. 

Yes, we are still love-struck on roses and we can’t help but to completely swoon over this temptress as it serves us floral fabulousness. How can you blame us? They account for more than HALF of all Valentine’s Day flower sales. Here we have our curvaceous floral glass vases MYRA10-1 and MYRA12-1 displaying ravishing roses, with a little twist! Petals placed inside the vase add a touch of romantic elegance. This works great for faux blooms and real blooms alike! To use real petals, add Oasis floral foam and place the petals all around it to cover it up. This look tugs at our heartstrings because it adds depth and dimension while staying soft and tasteful. Is there anything the rose can’t do?

Last, but certainly not least, we are featuring our clear square vases FACTOR644 and FACTOR944 with gorgeous, twinkling string lights. The black trim is sensual and attractive against the pastel blooms, setting all the right vibes for fairy-tale décor. The ambient lighting from the string lights is ultra-relaxing and makes us fall head over heels for this floral setup! Did you know that lights can trigger dopamine, the “feel-good” chemical in the brain? Fill our wholesale glass vases with a ton of warm string lights for endless happiness, warmth, and love. Make this Valentine's Day the dreamiest one yet!

Celebrating this day is something quite special, and it’s fun to have a national day where we can splurge for those we care deeply for…even ourselves AND our furry companions! No really, American households spent an estimated $751.3 million on gifts for their pets. We think that’s pretty PAW-some.

However one chooses to celebrate, let’s not forget one thing- all the businesses, restaurants, florists, and event planners that prep and work so hard to make this day an unforgettable one. We appreciate you all!


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