November 10, 2017

CHAMPAGNE to Celebrate

CHAMPAGNE to Celebrate

Vasesources new collection, CHAMPAGNE, has come in at the right time. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and with this new collection, you’ll add warmth to your table and events. CHAMPAGNE has nine pieces all together as part of its collection and can be found here in our website.

(PICTURED: Group shot of 5 piece from CHAMPAGNE collection)

Here at Vasesource, we have a number of different accessories and vases to enhance the beauty of these pieces. If you are going for an intimate feel for an event, than black river rocks and some tea lights are the way to go. We used CHAMPAGNE72 and placed Black River Rocks at the base. All CHAMPAGNE pieces are water tight, which makes them perfect for adding tea lights that can float. About seven to eight tea lights can fit in CHAMPAGNE72. Add water to the vase followed by the tea lights. Once the piece is set the way you would like it to look, you can light the tea lights. Below is what the final result will look like.

For a smaller floral arrangement we’ve used black river rocks and our popular faux white orchid. Using about three or four of the orchid, place them into CHAMPAGNE12 and adjust as necessary. The faux orchids can bend and adjust to any size you desire. After arranging the flowers to your liking, you can add the black river rocks. Alternatively, you can add another kind of river rock or vase filler to the vase. 

While these items are terrific on their own, grouping them with like items make CHAMPAGNE look incredible. We have made a few more arrangements and then paired them with our gold candle holder INTENT28GD. Below is an example of how a group of these items would look together.

Each design is different and unique. With a little creativity and the right accessories, CHAMPAGNE will be the hit of any occasion.

Vasesource has its roots in New York City, where it was founded in 1998 by Itzik Yakobi, a man with grand designs on the floral industry. Our aim is to provide an exceptional range of products with personalized customer service. In 2014 Vasesource acquired YBS Imports, a move that gave wholesale florists access to our unique designs. Today we supply floral studios, event planners, hotels and online stores along the East Coast, across the nation, and around the world.
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