April 26, 2019

Garden Planters


Garden Planters

April 29, 2019

If you’re a landscaper, you’ve probably searched high and low for garden planters that are both stylish and durable. After all, what’s the point in having beautiful outdoor décor if it can’t stand up against the harsh weather? When choosing the perfect garden planters to adorn a serene backyard or complement the exquisite structure of a splendid building, it’s important that you provide your clients with sturdy, waterproof and low maintenance products that will effortlessly showcase potted plants and flowers. There are a couple of things you’ll need to consider before deciding which pots you’ll use to complete your next landscaping project.


Drainage is imperative to the survival of your clients’ outdoor flowers and succulents. They simply won’t thrive if their roots are suffocating and could potentially experience root rot. Yikes! Root rot can be tough to reverse, if reversible at all. Some pots already have pores that allow drainage, but this condition can also be prevented by drilling holes into the bottom of garden planters that don’t. Drilling holes into our Verta collection will allow water to drain out of the pots, so that the roots have access to air. We recommend drilling smaller holes to prevent soil from falling through the holes as well. Another trick you can use to prevent the soil from falling through the holes is placing a coffee filter over the hole. This will block the soil from passing through.


Another major factor you’ll need to consider is whether or not the eye-catching pots that fit seamlessly into your garden décor can endure the weather. Will their beauty fade through the seasons due to the rain, snow and sometimes harsh sun? Your clients that live in areas that receive large amounts of snow will need frost resistant garden planters, and the ones that live in warmer climates will need gorgeous pots that can handle hot temperatures. Intense climates can cause permanent damage to pots that aren’t made of materials that can withstand the elements of outdoors. It’s important that you consider using garden planters made of materials such as fiberstone or cement when landscaping, like the Cube collection.


Luckily for indoor designs waterproof pots aren’t a necessity; however your clients will still need garden planters that can stand the test of time. To ensure that you don’t overcrowd indoor spaces, you can use smaller pots like the Bling collection. Our smaller garden planters are also made of durable materials and will beautifully house your clients’ shrubbery. With qualities such as being lightweight and stable, our smaller garden planters are perfect for both homes and businesses! Petite planters are ideal for indoors, but can also be used outdoors as well.


Like most of our garden planters, the High Square collection is suitable for both indoor and outdoor décor. The right garden planter can drastically change the appearance of a backyard or the lobby of a hotel with its shape and color. Whether you’re an interior designer or a landscaper, we’re sure you’ll agree that garden planters enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment.

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