April 9, 2024

Tealight Candles vs. Votive Candles

Tealight Candles vs. Votive Candles

Many have long cherished candles for their practical use in providing light and their ability to enhance the ambiance of any space. Among the myriad options, votive and tealight candles stand out for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner, organizing a serene spa day, or simply looking to add a cozy glow to your home, understanding the unique characteristics of these candles can help you choose the right option for your needs.

What is a Votive Candle?

Votive candles are small, cylindrical candles designed to melt into a liquid form in a votive holder. Their intentional design ensures that the candle burns evenly and maximizes its burn time. Ideal for adding a warm glow to intimate settings, a votive candle is often used in religious ceremonies, as part of wedding decorations, or simply to enhance the ambiance of home decor by placing it in votive holders. Their small size makes them perfect for clustering together in creative displays, allowing for a customizable and elegant touch to any setting.

What is a Tealight Candle?

Tealight candles, on the other hand, are compact, round candles encased in thin metal cups or plastic cups. These candles are known for their convenience and safety, with many flameless options, offering the cozy flicker of candlelight without the fire hazard, making tealight candles a perfect choice for families with pets, small children, or outdoor events where wind might pose a problem for traditional candles. Their simple design and ease of use make tealights a versatile choice for everything from dinner table centerpieces to bathroom accent lighting, providing a soft, inviting glow wherever you use them. 

Difference Between Tealight and Votive Candles

Tea lights and votive candles are popular choices when setting the mood or adding a decorative touch to your space. But despite their common purpose, there are distinct differences between these two types of candles that can influence your decision on which to use for a particular setting or occasion. Let's delve into size, burn time and use, ease of cleanup, cost, and appearance that set votive candles vs. tea lights apart.

Tealight candles are typically small, round, and encased in a thin metal or plastic cup, making them compact and easy to place in various settings. They're perfect for scattering around a room or outdoor space to create a widespread, gentle glow. Votive candles, slightly larger, are designed to melt and pool within a votive candle holder, which means they require a bit more space but can offer a more concentrated source of light and warmth.

Tea light candle sets are ideal for smaller spaces or for creating intimate lighting arrangements. They can be placed in decorative holders or floated in water for ambiance. On the other hand, getting creative with votive candles commands attention with their presence and is better suited for larger rooms or as standalone centerpieces.

Burn Time and Use

The burn time of a candle can significantly affect its use and practicality. Tealight candles generally have a shorter burn time, which makes them ideal for events or occasions that last only an evening. Their shorter duration makes them perfect for gatherings like dinner parties, where you want the candles to burn for just the duration of the meal, or for creating a cozy atmosphere during a short bath or meditation session.

Votive candles can burn up to 10 to 15 hours, making them a better choice for prolonged use or for those seeking a longer-lasting candle solution. A longer burn time makes them suitable for events that span several hours, such as weddings, receptions, or religious ceremonies. 

Ease of Cleanup

One of the practical considerations when using candles is the cleanup afterward. Flameless tealight candles offer the ultimate convenience here, with no wax spillage or soot to worry about. They can simply be turned off and reused for the next occasion, requiring minimal maintenance.

Traditional tealight and votive candles differ in their cleanup efforts; when burned in a suitable votive holder, they leave minimal wax residue, making them relatively easy to clean compared to other candle types. Remove any remaining wax from the holder once it has solidified, and you can reuse the holder multiple times.


The cost of candles can vary based on several factors, including quantity, quality, and where you purchase them. Tealight candles are often sold in bulk, making them an economical choice for those needing a significant amount. They are commonly available in packs, allowing for substantial savings when purchased in bulk, making them a cost-effective option for events where many candles are needed, such as weddings, parties, or corporate events.

You can source Votive candles in bulk, but their slightly higher price point reflects their longer burn time and the additional ambiance they provide. While they may cost slightly more upfront, their extended burn time and decorative versatility make them a worthwhile investment for those seeking to create a more sophisticated atmosphere. Vasesource is a leading online store that offers candles for sale


The aesthetic appeal of a candle can be just as important as its functional use. Tealight candles offer a minimalistic and subtle charm, suitable for adding a touch of light without overpowering a space. They are often used as accents to complement other decor elements or as part of a larger candle arrangement. Their small size and simple design make them versatile for various settings, from casual gatherings to formal events.

With their larger size and the holder's requirement, Votive candles present an opportunity for more decorative versatility, allowing for a range of styles from simple elegance to more elaborate displays. They can be placed in decorative votive candle holders, lanterns, around decorative vases, or glass containers to enhance their visual appeal and create a focal point in any room. 


Tealight and votive candles provide unique ways to enhance ambiance and decor. Tealights offer a subtle charm, perfect for intimate gatherings or outdoor events. Meanwhile, votive candles add sophistication with their longer burn time and decorative versatility, ideal for formal occasions like weddings or dinner parties. Whether creating a cozy atmosphere at home or making a statement at an event, choosing the right candle can transform any space into a warm and inviting environment.

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