March 8, 2018

New This Week


Just before the Nor’easter storm, we received a truck load of new items that are absolutely stunning. 

From ceramics to round glass, the choices for your next project seem endless. You’re going to love these new selections.


(Pictured: Our new grey reverse tapered vases)

Can you believe that these reverse tapered vases are made of glass? The vases are painted in a matte navy grey and give the appearance of a ceramic vase, making it easy to mix with other ceramics. Their size is perfect for a dozen roses; Red or yellow would compliment them nicely.

(Pictured: The new grey variation of our SIMON ceramics)

The SIMON collection is now available in a beige grey! This is a nice neutral color that will sit nicely in many environments you place them in. Now you can mix & match them with the white & black SIMONS.