April 19, 2021

Top House Plant Trends For 2021

Your customers are indoors more than ever (thanks COVID!) and they are counting on plant shop owners, florists, and interior designers like you to create a tranquil sanctuary in the spaces they spend most of their time. So, with that in mind, it’s absolutely critical that you find a way to make their homes and offices look and feel as Zen and peaceful as possible. Our wholesale décor is a go-to for many professionals in this industry because we carry the trendiest high-quality glass vases, ceramic pots, and outdoor garden planters. The unique containers we carry are perfect for designers searching for the ideal ceramic vase to pair with a Rattlesnake Calathea for their client’s lobby, or for plant nursery owners who need to buy wholesale garden planters in bulk. The latest trends in the home décor and event design industries are textured vases, geometric shapes, and warm woods.

Textured Vases

There’s nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of texture into your client’s space. Sometimes, the clay or terracotta vases can get a little boring, sterile, and generic. Instead, you can use texture to your advantage as you look to create an interesting and intriguing atmosphere for your client’s home, office, lobby, or even a restaurant.

The Eloy6wh, a textured ceramic vase, offers just enough texture to create an eye-catching look that will certainly complement any house plant.

Geometric Shapes

If you’re trying to create a unique and modern looking space, you can bring attractive geometric elements into your design to really spice up all of those fine lines from wall to wall. We have a variety of geometric-shaped pots and vases that you can choose from.

These unique styles typically embrace a minimalist design principle, which means that you’ll find them in a dramatic black, an earthy cement gray, or a clean white finish. For the ultimate modern indoor oasis, geometry is more than an option – it’s a necessity. The Mica6bl is one of our new favorite geometric pots, and it’s one that our customers rave about. Combine this cement pot with a few of the other sizes in this collection to create a stunning plant corner filled with greenness and life, or buy this geometric vase in bulk to stock your nursery shelves.

Warm Woods

Don’t be afraid to bring some warm wood tones into your client’s home décor or office space with our Bamboo planters. These beautiful bohemian bamboo baskets are perfect for popular house plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig or a tall Dracaena. The natural forms of the wood will certainly highlight the beautifully crisp green hue of any plant you place in it.

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Photo by: Scott Webb on Unsplash

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