Crystal Candelabra

Unique Candelabras at Wholesale Prices

Candelabras have long been associated with elegance and class, transforming ordinary settings into opulent feasts for the eyes. If you're looking for premium candelabras for sale, Vasesource offers an expansive collection tailored to meet varying aesthetics. From grand affairs to intimate ceremonies, our candelabras set the stage for memorable moments.

Among our offerings, the crystal candelabra stands out with its sheer brilliance. The sparkle and clarity of crystal not only enhance the luminosity of candles but also serve as a captivating centerpiece. As they refract light, these enchanting crystal pieces envelop spaces in an ethereal glow, setting the right mood for any event.

For those in the events industry, our wholesale candelabras selection provides an economical yet sophisticated solution. By pairing them with other wholesale event decor supplies from our range, professionals can craft spellbinding atmospheres that resonate with their clientele.

Gleaming Metal Candelabras for Your Special Event

Metal candelabras, with their robust and gleaming frames, make for a magnificent choice when durability meets design. Available for purchase through Vasesource's comprehensive candelabras online collection, these metal masterpieces are tailored to both modern and traditional settings.

Their lustrous finish, whether it's a brushed silver or a matte gold, brings forth an aura of elegance. Tapered chase candles sit perfectly within, enhancing the beauty of these candelabras. Additionally, incorporating glass and crystal pieces from our collection with these metal candelabras results in a harmonious blend, making them the ideal table centerpieces for various occasions.

The flexibility to purchase them as part of our wholesale candle holders range means that event organizers and decor enthusiasts can find cost-effective solutions without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether it's a grand gala or a personal celebration, our metal candelabras promise to be the radiant highlight, leaving guests in awe.